Splash Mag Stage – Berlin Festivalimg_0713

After Talking to Jan Kage and Thomas Bartz I was confronted with idea of creating a “Favela” like stage. In times of high end stages it was a great challenge to create something with a focus on ruff materials like corrugated iron and wooden latches.

It was important to use NO technical devices like Beamer and lights. There were two reasons what made me do that. On the one hand I thought it would be a great chance to confront the people with these kind of minimalism. Maybe it was naive to think they would notice the hint to my neo-romantic simplification and honesty. Sure I love technical devices, but in my imagination I wanted to have a stage without it, because kids in a Favela would not use them as well. (I tell you it was always a struggle when Jan came along wanted to convince me to use lights and so on!)

On the other hand I use materials as colors and wanted to create illusions and fields of colors which transformed the body of the stage into a plane surface like a collage.img_0687-1024x764