Mona Lisa | Relegat 

This Project deals with the question and idea what it could mean to create an original artwork. To exemplify it I use Mona Lisa as motif to create a hole groupe of original works. Each work is a unique transformation of Mona Lisa as Motif with the focus on the shape and texture of paint instead simply copy the portrait.

Why Mona Lisa: In art history it is believed that there are three main portraits which originate from the 15th century.

The “original” at Louvre, another one at Prado (Madrid) and a third one in the Mona Lisa Foundation (Zurich). The main fact that holds all these works together is their age and obviously the portrait of a person we call “Mona Lisa” (La Joconde). Also, the composition and the sfumato technique, which was mainly elaborated by Leonardo Da Vinci, seem to be identical. Most experts conclude that one of these paintings must be the “original” and it is consensus the other ones must be copies by Leonardo himself or his students.

Mona Lisa gif

Mona Lisa 


However, there is no source which documents the exact release. What if the copy is a study or a first try? There seems to be no reference about it. Maybe Mona Lisa (Louvre), which seems to be the original, is just a result of reproducing the motif after practicing it several times. If that is true the performance of repetition seems to be a big part of the artwork itself.

I started to use the Motif and reproduced it with the focus on paint.
Paint as main aspect to transport the atmospheric character of the artwork.

Each one is different and each one got its own unique beauty that goes beyond the motif itself. It becomes what it has always wanted to be. An original and unique painting even if it is repeated 20 times.

Mona Lisa | Relegat by Becker Schmitz 2013/14