Blow Ups| Inflatables | Aggregate

This work deals with the transformation of meaning and context of use. To investigate this phenomenon, I use rescue blankets and create blow up objects by sticking them together and, so, creating a mantle.
Using the blanket as mantle for a balloon the primal/original meaning as rescue blanket is transformed into a golden balloon.
Placing it in an exhibition space helps me to understand and explore architecture in a poetic way. The result is a thrilling relation between artwork and architecture full of suspense. This is caused by the contrast of the soft and organic shape of the blow ups which are filled with air in relation to contemporary architecture which is mostly straight, clear and made of concrete and steel.
Using rescue blankets is very important. It seems to be an everyday material and determined for its use as first aid supply.
After the mass panic and so unleashed stampede (541 injured and 21 died) at the Loveparade in 2010, I found all these rescue-blankets at the scene and I was still shocked by the occurrence and tried to find a way to transform the traumatic into a poetic context, a context which still deals with the rescue-blankets and their unique look but also goes beyond its meaning and original purpose to overcome the trauma.
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