Transforming a Painting into an Object
Black Void is the title for a abstract group of works, which is investigating and discussing the difference between two art-disciplines. On the one hand it seems to be a painting and on the other its an object.
As a painter I start on the grounding (canvas). I start to put layers of Oilcolor* over and over it. Instead of painting on the two dimensional grounding I start to form a texture which is reaching into the surrounding spaces. As you can see in thee gallery I have different results. That is caused by the way of how fast I paint it and how thick the layers of color are.
The paint as material becomes more important as monochrome “shape-giver” and the process of painting becomes a method to form an object. Also the straight use of black color amplifies the focus on investigating the difference between painting and object.
*The Oilcolor is a monochrome, customized mixture of Ivoryblack, Linseed Oil, Silicone and Rubber.