I swap artworks with something I like, need or love! Sure. Some people ask me if this is a fake. But you can trust me. Maybe we will make an “artswap” too, if I like your offer.

Since 2007 I started swapping my artworks for goods.

Not everyone is in the position to pay for art. But they have goods they don´t need. Perhaps they need a new phone, laptop for work, so the old  one is still useful but  redundant. They would sell it on ebay or other platforms or they completely forget that they have it because they dispose of  it out into their garage or what ever. All these things have their values, even when they are old and used, as long they are useful. Ebay is just one example where you can check their value for a sale. For me this project is a way to discuss the relevance of artmarket and the question of supply and demand. This way it becomes a critical discussion of  capitalism and the artmarket. Here is an example for how the swap works. If you are interested in a painting, you should check the size of it.

According to artists “level” in the artmarket you can find out variable (x)* which is a multiplier for the size of your picture.
Size (A cm+ B cm) • Variable (x)*
*(x) is a scale which reflects the artist ´s value on artmarket. It depends on age, exhibition activity, awards and sales. The more important an artist is, the higher is his or her value (variable (x)) (2014 my variable is 16 and still rising)
Let´s make another example to calculate.
(120 cm + 80 cm) • 16 = 3200 €
3200 € is the price you should pay for a painting with the size of 120 cm to 80 cm. Now you just have to check your stock. Which goods would have the same value if you would sell them? So your goods you could offer to me, are a reflection of what you might pay. A correct offer is also an estimation and donation to the artwork and an alternative draft to our affluent society.